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Palliative Support

“You matter because you are you, and you matter to the end of your life. We will do all we can not only to help you die peacefully, but also to live until you die.”
Dame Cicely Saunders: founder of hospice movement (1918 – 2005)


The Fifth Season

The Fifth Season is a support service. 

Our work is to support you with all matters related to death and dying.

We connect people to resources and offer an advocacy and information service. We can also provide education and support relating to the unique palliative situation and needs of each person and their family/whānau. 

We can connect with you face-to-face, by phone, text or Zoom. 


We are available to people in the Christchurch and Canterbury region of Aotearoa’s South Island. We offer an initial free telephone call to discuss your needs and what we can offer.


    Anyone, at any stage of the journey, is welcome to contact The Fifth Season.


About: The Fifth Season

In my work I have seen that a vast range of feelings and emotions arise at the end of life. I have met people who feel alone or frightened, some who are challenged by decisions to be made and others who are energised to attend to unfinished life tasks.

I understand the need to talk about death and dying, the palliative conversations, and I know too this may be confronting and challenging and can leave some people questioning or searching for answers.

I have also witnessed these palliative conversations as leading to moments of realisation, inner calm and true love and joy.

At The Fifth Season we acknowledge that there are many different pathways for the end of life experience. We know that for those facing their own death or the death of someone significant in their life, good information and personal support are essential.

We have seen how having the opportunity to explore options, consider decisions and                      resolve tensions, can bring a sense of fulfilment and peace. 

 Topics we might discuss


“It was a shock to be asked where he wanted to die but it was such a relief to hear his wishes out loud – I would never have known otherwise.”

Talking about dying


“I felt like I was falling apart too soon – we had only just received the terrible news and I knew there was a nightmare to face up ahead of us.”

Grief and bereavement


“Although in great pain, it was deeply moving that the volunteer massaged my arms whilst listening to the hopes I have for my remaining weeks.”

Maintaining soul and spirit health, wairua


“Although very emotional, I wanted some support to plan my own service which reflects me and my values.”

Ceremonies, celebrations and memorials


“While I’m still well I would like some ideas about how to record my memoirs, my voice and my writings for the kids.”

Writing it down: wills, trusts, Advanced Care Plan, memoirs, therapeutic writing.


“I knew I could run the funeral myself but I needed some guidance on the rules and regulations.”

Funerals, tangi, burials, cremations

Services and costs


FREE Initial phone call        

     To discuss your needs and what I can offer                      

Initial consultation    $120  

To assess your holistic well-being 

To develop your support needs & plan

To establish our working relationship goals

            Sessions   $90 p/hr               

Face-to-face, Phone & Zoom sessions   

MSD/ Disability Allowance Counselling:

Sessions   $75 p/hr

Travel flat fees (please discuss):   

$25 ChCh city / $40 local rural / $20 Rangiora





"I have always found Liz to be compassionate and professional. So after my family was given some distressing news regarding the birth of my granddaughter I turned to Liz for a chat – she was the perfect person to explain to me what the future may look like for us and helped me to realize that my sadness and struggle to accept a diagnosis was ok, thankfully our situation was not palliative, however my grief was real. Liz has a lovely confident manner that was just what I needed and knowing she is so approachable is a real comfort to me for the future." ~AB

"When I learnt that a member in our school community had a palliative diagnosis, I contacted Liz for ideas and support both for the family, especially the children in our care, and the teachers directly involved. Liz was very helpful in providing resources on coping strategies, and dealing with grief, and offered her support and practical knowledge to the family. I found her to be approachable and sensitive to the situation and the needs of the family."

~L.E. Teacher



My Story

Kia ora, I’m Liz and for as long as I can remember I have been interested in people and life’s stages. My upbringing in the UK, Europe and Kuwait introduced me to death and dying. As a child I experienced the deaths - by accident and illness - of family members and friends. Coming to adulthood, the end of life experiences of those I lived and worked amongst informed and shaped my knowledge of death and dying. I carry an awareness that dying is a part of living and I believe that feelings of fear, mystery and disempowerment can be reduced. I further believe that with support we can become more conscious, understand the challenges of dying and that fulfilled living can prevail.

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years”

(Abraham Lincoln)

I am a registered Social Worker and have been involved in palliative care for many years both personally and professionally, formally and informally. My work includes disability assessment, working with babies and children with HIV/AIDS in Romania, a decade of EPOA work and supporting the mental health and palliative care needs of an elderly friend, holistic grief support and voluntary palliative biography writing for a hospice – meeting people who are dying to record their memoirs and create a legacy.

This year, 2023, I started the conversation series: Death Café, North Canterbury.


The formal bit: I have a MA (Hons), DipSW/MSW, PGCertPalliative Care, ANZASW member; registered with SWRB no.12133 and I have regular supervision as per ANZASW & SWRB requirements.


Feel free to contact me by phone, text, email



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